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Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy Services in the UK

In the UK, providing Microsoft SharePoint consultancy services involves offering expert guidance and solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses navigating the complex digital landscape. Our consultancy specialises in leveraging SharePoint’s robust capabilities to enhance collaboration, streamline document management, and optimise business processes. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities within the UK market, enabling us to deliver bespoke SharePoint solutions that align with both industry standards and individual business objectives. Our focus is on empowering UK organisations with efficient, secure, and scalable SharePoint environments that drive productivity, foster collaboration, and support digital transformation initiatives, ensuring they remain competitive and agile in a rapidly evolving business world.

Our SharePoint Success Stories

SharePoint Design and Branding
Custom SharePoint Development
Workflow Automation and Optimisation
Data Security and Compliance
SharePoint Training and Adoption
Maintenance and Support

Customised Solutions

Our approach begins with understanding your business objectives. We tailor SharePoint solutions that align with your company’s goals, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing workflow. With Inteknix, you receive a personalised experience that transforms the way you operate.

SharePoint Intranet

Our services includes setting up a secure and centralised platform where employees can collaborate, communicate, share resources within the organisation. We create a tailored SharePoint environment that aligns with the company’s operational needs, and establishing user-friendly interfaces

Expert SharePoint Consultancy Services in the UK

Inteknix has been providing Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy services to large Enterprises, SME’s, public sectors and non-profit organisations since 2011. Our SharePoint service is tailored to suit your needs.
We can help you analyse your business problems and work with you to achieve your business goals. Our Microsoft Certified SharePoint Consultants can assist you through all the stages of your project, from initial fact-finding sessions through to project support.
We provide free initial fact-finding session for SharePoint Consultancy.

Our Microsoft Certified Engineers will handle all your SharePoint needs

Discovery and Analysis

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your current systems and processes, identifying areas where SharePoint can add value.

Strategic Planning

Our consultants develop a strategic plan that outlines the path to SharePoint implementation, tailored to your timeline and budget.

Implementation and Customisation

We ensure that your SharePoint solution is implemented flawlessly, with customisations that fit your business like a glove.

Training and Support

Post-implementation, we provide comprehensive training to your staff and offer ongoing support to ensure adoption and success.

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