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Diamond Whites SharePoint CRM System

DW has been a leader in the whitening world since 2012, loved by thousands of customers globally. Inspired from an expensive visit to a Dentist in Australia, Co-Founder wanted to make whitening affordable. In 2019, he collaborated with Celebrity Dentist, Dr Richard Marques to formulate UK manufactured products that are clinically proven to provide results. 


Project Details:

Diamond Whites sells teeth whitening products on their online e-commerce website, powered by Shopify. After an order is placed, it goes through 13 different stages of fulfilment. Due to the need for automation in this process, which Shopify’s platform couldn’t fully accommodate, Diamond Whites approached us to help set up a custom CRM system to manage the order fulfilment journey. They required the ability to monitor the number of customers at each stage and the duration spent in each stage, as well as to track the entire start-to-end journey and the time each customer takes to complete each stage.

At the time of project implementation, direct Shopify integration with SharePoint was unavailable. Therefore, Inteknix Limited established the integration of the Shopify platform with a third-party application to temporarily hold the data. This third party is then integrated with SharePoint using the Power Automate connector.

SharePoint is used to store all information about customers and their order fulfilment journey. Power Automate is set up to manage various aspects of automation, including archiving orders and customers based on different conditions.

Diamond Whites
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