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Age UK Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance

Age UK is a registered charity in the United Kingdom, formed on 25 February 2009, and launched on 1 April 2009. Age UK was formed from the merger of Help the Aged and Age Concern England, creating an organisation with a combined income of around £160 million, including £47 million a year raised through fundraising, and over 520 charity shops, and income raised through its commercial services arm, AgeCo Limited (formerly Age UK Enterprises Limited).

Project Details:

Inteknix Limited was hired to provide Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance Consultancy services that involve setting up a set of practices and tools designed to manage and secure data, ensure adherence to legal and organisational policies, and protect against risks in the Microsoft 365 environment. These services involve:

  1. Data Governance: This includes classifying, preserving, and protecting data. It involves setting up retention policies, data loss prevention (DLP) strategies, and ensuring that data handling complies with regulations like GDPR.

  2. Compliance Management: Microsoft 365 offers a Compliance Center that helps organisations meet legal and regulatory standards. It includes compliance score analysis, audit log investigations, and tools for responding to regulatory requests.

  3. Security Management: Implementing security measures like multi-factor authentication, threat protection, secure score analysis, and end-user training to safeguard against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

  4. Information Protection: Tools like Azure Information Protection and sensitivity labels help classify and protect documents and emails, controlling how information is accessed and shared.

  5. Audit and Reporting: Continuous monitoring and auditing of activities within the Microsoft 365 environment to ensure compliance with policies and to identify and respond to issues.

  6. User and Access Management: Controlling user access to various services and information within Microsoft 365 based on roles and responsibilities.

  7. Policy Management: Creating and enforcing policies for data handling, device management, and network use within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

  8. Training and Awareness: Educating employees about compliance requirements, data protection practices, and the proper use of Microsoft 365 tools.

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