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Community Eyecare SharePoint Intranet

Founded in 2012, CHEC – Community Eyecare has worked in partnership with thousands of optometrists to deliver its shared care partnership model. CHEC is now one of the largest providers of community-based ophthalmology services in the UK.

Project Details:

CHEC was looking to implement its first intranet by focusing on prioritising communication functions and user-friendly design, while also planning for future expansion and sophistication. These requirements include:

  1. Multi-Site Communication: The intranet must facilitate communication across various CHEC sites within the UK.

  2. Central Platform for Information Sharing:

    • To disseminate business updates and industry news.
    • To provide access to shared documents.
    • To serve as a one-stop shop with quick links to third-party systems.
  3. Uniform Template-Driven Design:

    • Ensure a consistent look, feel, and navigation across different areas.
    • Facilitate user familiarity with the site’s flow.
  4. Mega Menu Implementation:

    • Allow users to reach any part of the site within three clicks.
  5. Role-Based Navigation:

    • Enable conditional access based on user permissions.
  6. Initial and Future Development Plans:

    • Identify and agree on essential features for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
    • Outline iterated development based on the departmental wish list for future enhancements.
CHEC - Community Eyecare
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