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ATEC Opportunity Approval and Management SharePoint Online System

For more than three decades, ATEC has led the way forward in professional security system integration within the UK.

From hospitals to tourist attractions, universities and oil refineries, ATEC brings deep technical understanding and unmatched customer service to every site they protect.

Founded in 1985, ATEC has grown from a small business serving a physical security niche into a nationwide, full-service electronic security systems integrator, staffed by an expert team of security professionals and trusted by hundreds of organisations across the country.


Project Details:

Inteknix Limited engaged with ATEC Security to provide a robust Opportunity Approval and Management System by streamlining the business processes involved along the way. 

The opportunity details are automatically checked and verified using Companies House API and then stored in SharePoint. The credit checks are then carried out by ATEC’s account team on ad-hoc basis. These credit checks are performed using CreditSafe API integration with SharePoint. 

The system ensures that all purchase orders received undergo appropriate approvals before being accepted and processed. This includes:

  1. Ensuring that clients’ purchase order terms only form the basis of a contract when specifically authorized by the CEO.
  2. Maintaining a record of all received Purchase Orders.
  3. Associating each PO clearly with an approved legal entity.
  4. Considering credit limits and existing balances during the approval of Purchase Orders.
Due to the cost effectiveness and timely services, another project was awarded to Inteknix Limited to create a Proof of Concept Timesheet Power Apps application to allow Field Engineers to retrieve the job details and book the time against them. The job information is held in an on-premise  legacy database, and the data is retrieved using a middleware developed by Inteknix Limited.  Once the time and lunch breaks are booked in the Power Apps, the information gets stored in SharePoint list. The payroll teams access this information to produce job cost transactions and payroll transactions.  
ATEC Security
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